Easter fire in Achternholt.  
At a traditional location.

Poem from Christian Morgenstern  ("It's spring soon")

Der Frühling kommt bald

Herr Winter,
geh' hinter,
der Frühling kommt bald!

Das Eis ist geschwommen,
die Blümlein sind kommen,
und grün wird der Wald.

Herr Winter,
geh' hinter,
dein Reich ist vorbei.

Die Vögelein alle
mit jubelndem Schalle
verkünden den Mai!

Large heap of wood and bushes at the traditional place.

Some time later at 7.30 p.m. the fire was ignated by our inhabitant Werner.

Winds from East supported a the large fire.

As the time went on, inhabitants and guests ate sausages and drank drinks and still enjoyed the illumination by the fire.